Decentering Whiteness at Home and in Your Family

As the parent of three children (ages 8, 7, and 3), I’ve been thinking a lot about how our family is dominated by and/or perpetuates the values of white culture, and how I might replace our center with multiracial values. By saying that whiteness is “at the center” of American society is to say...

10 Things You Should Know about Character Strengths

Character strengths are integral to the science of Positive Psychology and are an important component of The Shipley School’s Positive Education framework. As part of Shipley’s commitment to Positive Education and the well-being of our entire school community, we celebrate a different character...

5 Coming of Age Books All Teens Should Read

We all have a book that’s transformed us or changed the way we think. These coming-of-age books are some of the most popular and have been changing lives for years and even decades. Here are five novels all teenagers should read and every parent should revisit:

Most Instagrammable Places to See the PECO Crown Lights

In honor of Shipley’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, the PECO Crown Lights at 23rd and Market Street in Philadelphia will display a special Happy Birthday Shipley message. Look up on April 5, 6, and 7!

Why Pronouns Matter

I want you to close your eyes and picture a stranger that you saw today. Maybe it’s someone you saw on the commute to work. Or someone you saw walking outside. Or maybe even it’s someone you saw as you dropped your student off at Shipley. Try and get a super clear image of that person in your mind. 
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