Corine Sheng

Corine Sheng
Corine Sheng is a parent of two Shipley students. She has a background in elementary education and formerly taught in San Francisco and Pennsylvania. She is currently an artist who supports local BIPOC-owned businesses affected by COVID-19 through sales of her work.

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Challenge the Argument, Not the Person

Posted by Corine Sheng on Mar 9, 2021 10:02:00 AM

So, how’s everyone recovering from the wild ride that was 2020? A global pandemic and the resulting extended period of isolation, uncertainty, and widespread anxiety have worn us all down. To top it off, a schism has resurfaced in American society as an old wound was ripped open and escalated to levels of vitriol and violence not seen here in decades. How did this happen? Why is everyone so bitterly divided? I recently saw a video on TikTok which expressed a simple yet profound thought that has helped me give an answer to my two sons when they ask these complicated questions (and it makes me very cool to have my finger on the zeitgeist of the moment, so that’s a plus). The man in the video explained the difference between challenging someone’s argument rather than challenging them as a person.

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