Five Reasons to Attend an Independent School Open House

As you’re driving your child back and forth from school to extracurricular activities, you’ve probably seen the independent school open house yard signs strategically placed in busy intersections or in a neighbor’s front yard. Fall is a busy time for school open houses, and you may be wondering why...

How to Navigate Homework with Your Middle Schooler: The Transition from “Editor-in-Chief" to "Consultant”

I walked into preschool to pick up my 4-year old who proudly exclaimed, “Mommy! I have HOMEWORK tonight!” Indeed, it was our turn to take home the “Class Book” and design a page that described our family, complete with pictures. My frazzled “Mom-Brain” automatically translated his statement to...

What Private School Education Has to Offer Your Child

In my role, I get many questions from prospective parents, but the one I enjoy the most is this: “What is the value of a Shipley education vs. a public school education?” I love that question because for me, for Shipley, it’s an easy one.

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