Shipley: The Time is Now

The 2020-21 school year is an experience no one could have predicted. Many children remain at home, continuing their remote learning—a process that began over six months ago. Others are engaging in a hybrid model, blending remote learning with a limited presence on campus. As a result of our meticulous planning and exhaustive safety precautions, Shipley is fortunate enough to offer our students the ability to be on campus and in the classroom five days a week with a full schedule. 

This is one of the many areas in which Shipley excels—we plan, and we execute. We don’t simply plan for tomorrow’s math lesson, next week’s soccer game, or next month’s theater performance; we plan in a manner which ensures the long-term continued success of each individual student. These efforts are indicative of who we are as a school and a community, and they underline our ultimate belief: we want what is best for our students, no matter the circumstance. 

It is impossible to predict the state of affairs in five years, one year, or even six months from now. What is certain, however, is that Shipley will confidently and securely approach what lies ahead and provide our students with the journey they deserve. Furthermore, we know that each student’s journey is unique, a notion which we celebrate and foster. No two children are the same, and it is our mission to place every single Shipley student on a path which they create. A Shipley student’s journey continues each and every day, constantly evolving and never truly ending—as we like to say, a Shipley education is forever. Our students carry with them the ideals, virtues, resources, and skills that we teach on a daily basis and infuse these lessons into their daily lives. 

New students join our community at nearly every grade level and reap the benefits forthwith. Our process of welcoming new families into the Shipley fold is like everything else we do—thoroughly planned and soundly executed. We strive to ensure that each new student feels connected, valued, and respected. To be a part of a community is to feel a sense of belonging, and we commit ourselves to establishing that sentiment in each and every student.

It is our job to know your child—not only as a student, but as an individual. We believe in the importance of challenging your child in an environment conducive to exploration, creativity, and risk-taking, while instilling in them the security of knowing that we are there to support them in their journey. To that end, Shipley students grow to know themselves for who they truly are and, as a result, flourish as individuals who can and do make a positive impact in the world.

This is a time like no other, the effects of which will resonate for years to come. Now more than ever, the imperative of proper planning and resolute excellence rises to the forefront. Shipley is ready. No matter where you are in your school search—tentatively exploring or seriously considering—know that it is always the right time to become part of the Shipley community. And that time is now. 


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About the Author

Alex Hay

Associate Director of Admissions for Middle School Alex Hay joined the Shipley community in 2012. During his tenure at Shipley, Alex has been an advisor, coach and leader of the Shipley Student Ambassador Program. A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, Alex has spent much of his life in independent schools, both as a student and a professional.